Your individual care plan

When you join us at Brimlea, our skilled staff will complete a comprehensive set of assessments to identify your needs and individual preferences. The information gathered is used to formulate an individualized care plan for you. Brimlea meets strict guidelines and requirements set by the government. Additionally, we use a leading clinical IT system to ensure all care is provided accurately and efficiently.

We provide two levels of residential care at Brimlea:

Permanent (long term)

Permanent care is where you live at Brimlea full time. We cater for all types of aged care.

Respite (short term)

Respite care is where you live at Brimlea for a short period of time. Often, this is when your usual carer is, for whatever reason, unable to help for a short period of time. If you are looking at finding somewhere permanent to live, respite care can also be a good opportunity for you to stay at our home and see if it suits your requirements.